Frequently Asked Questions About Penile Prosthesis

The proof is in the numbers - Patient and partner satisfaction rates are among the highest when it comes to penile prosthesis for the treatment of erectile dysfunction:


  • 92% of patients would recommend the two-piece penile prosthesis to others
  • 90% of sexual partners would recommend the two-piece penile prosthesis to other couples
  • Nine out of 10 men and their partners were very pleased with their inflatable penile prosthesis
  • The three-piece inflatable penile device has a 92% patient satisfaction rate and a 96% satisfaction rate among partners
  • 95% of patients would undergo the implant procedure again

Q: Will I still be able to have an orgasm with an implant in place?
A: Yes. A penile prosthesis does not interfere with your ability to reach orgasm or ejaculate, nor does it affect skin sensation.

Q: Will my partner notice anything different?
A: The main difference with a penile prosthesis is the manual pumping you will need to do in order to fill the cylinders and attain an erection. Otherwise, the implant is completely concealed within your body, sexual intercourse can be spontaneous, and your erection will be rigid and natural feeling to you and your partner. 

Q: Will sex be satisfying for me as well as my partner with the prosthetic device?
A: Yes, thanks to improvements in the technology and surgical techniques performed by Chesapeake Urology surgeons, penile prostheses boast high satisfaction rates among men and their sexual partners. In fact, 90% of partners would recommend the two-piece inflatable penile prosthetic device to other couples and the three-piece inflatable device has a 96% satisfaction rate among sexual partners.

Q: Will anyone know I have the prosthesis?
A: No. Since the implant is inside your body, it is easily concealed, especially with the inflatable implants.

Q: Will my erections be different with a penile prosthesis?
A: Yes. You may notice erections that are slightly less firm and a penis that is shorter with less width. Spontaneous erections are no longer possible with a prosthetic device.

Q: How long will my prosthesis last?
A: While it's not entirely possible to predict how long your prosthesis will last, inflatable implants typically last anywhere from eight to 15 years, on average. The best way to prolong the life of your prosthesis is to follow the guidelines given to you by your doctor.

Q: Is a penile prosthesis covered by insurance?
A: Medicare has a national coverage policy for the diagnosis and treatment of erectile dysfunction, which includes penile prostheses, if indicated. Chesapeake Urology will work with you and your health insurance provider to determine whether this treatment option is covered by your plan.  If your health insurance carrier does not cover this treatment, we will work with you on financing options.